Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Burlington Police Department Double Dips

I think I've received at the most in my entire life maybe six or seven parking tickets ever. They have all been paid. On October 27th 2000, I received a parking ticket. I remember going that day to the police station to pay it. I remember quite vividly paying cash and the parking enforcement staff joking about how I would not need a receipt. So how many people would pay a parking ticket twice? I received a collection notice from the Burlington Police Department twelve years later saying that I have not paid the ticket I know I paid.
So I decided to see just how many tickets which were older than six years old that the Burlington Police Department was trying to collect on.
Here is my request along with the two page response I got back.
Wow ! 31,333 tickets which are older than six years old that the city is still trying to collect on totaling $775,478.86. Amazing.