Monday, September 22, 2014

I've never "run a red light" in my entire life

On 9/11 of this year, yes "9/11" I was stopped while working by South Burlington Police Officer Dennis Ward who claims I "ran a red light" and gave me a $220. ticket with 2 points off my pristine Vermont Driver's License.

Knowing fully well I didn't "run a red light," nor have I ever, I contested the ticket and also requested the video dash cam footage of me "running this red light" which exists on all police vehicles.

Since my request was processed, the Chief of the South Burlington Police, Trevor Whipple told me that this video doesn't exist because the "system was down" that day "non-operational."

This is not the first nor second time, I've been harassed by our local police where their chief Trevor Whipple, has denied public access to dash cam video footage for the purposes of confirming the harassing officer's claims.

The public should always be mindful that the video dashboard cameras fitted to most all police cruisers are for the public to make sure the police aren't abusing their power just as much as they are for the police to prove your guilt.

I've requested the written, logged or recorded evidence of the video camera's being "non-operational" for that day. IF what the chief says was true, then there should be evidence and proof of that.

We will see...


The South Burlington Police have been increasingly more and more oppressive and highly selective in who they ticket. Their "enforcement" of our laws is by no means "equal" by a large margin.

This particular officer has been seen numerous times over zealously "enforcing the law" in South Burlington and it is little surprise to me that he engage in this retaliatory type of harassment.

The South Burlington and Burlington Police have been harassing me at my employment, me at my home, my mother at her house and on the phone at both places now for the past seven or eight years.

I don't think I'm worthy in any sense of any expenditure of your tax dollars under the pretext of an "Investigation." And as long as these people are harassing me and my mother with your tax dollars as retaliation for me doing the Right Thing peacefully without breaking the law, then I'll not only write about it, I'll publish and promote it til my dying breath.

I mean who wouldn't?

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